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August 2020

CAMMI Spotlight

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CAMMI Spotlight

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Marco island turtle ordinance - solicitation for public comments

The City of Marco Island has completed it's first draft of a new Sea Turtle Ordinance and the next step is to allow a period for review and public comment.

The workshop that will consider public comments is scheduled for Wednesday, September 16 at 9 AM.

08.26.2020 Agenda

Aug 26, 2020

CAMMI Board of Directors
Meeting Notice & Agenda
August 26, 2020
Time: 4:30ppm
Location: Zoom, Link included in email

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call/Determination of Quorum
3. Approval of July 29, 2020 meeting mins
4. Treasurer’s Report
5. Associate/Manager Applications
6. Committee Reports
7. Old Business
8. New Business
      • a. Second Signature Check Limits
9. Next Meeting / Calendar Events
10. Adjourn

Agenda 07.29.2020

Aug 26, 2020

CAMMI Board of Directors
Meeting Notice & Agenda
July 29, 2020
Time: 4:30ppm
Location: Zoom, Link included in e-mail

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call/Determination of Quorum
3. Approval of previous meeting minutes
4. Treasurer's Report
5. Manager / Associate Applications
6. Unfinished Business
7. New Business
8. Next Meeting / Calendar of Event
9. Adjourn

Letter regarding sea turtle lighting

Dear CAMMI Managers,Please see the attached letter written to us by Mr. Andrew Tyler of the Beach & Coastal Resources Advisory Committee for the City of Marco Island.

Please also forward this letter to any managers that you are aware of on the beach and not members of CAMMI.

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Current BOD

  • President, Molly Hennings
  • Vice President, Kevin Olszak
  • Secretary, Al Diaz
  • Treasurer, Arizona Keegan
  • Director, Derek Bebee
  • Director, Ali Pool
  • Director, Jon White

Message from President

Since 1995, the Community Association Managers of Marco Island has proudly served its community and members. Although many changes over the years have influenced the way in which our business is conducted, members taking the opportunity to help and learn from one another has not. Both Managers and Associates alike work diligently to service our community associations. Factors such as time constraints, workforce availability and severe weather challenge us all. Overcoming these obstacles with education, technological advances, quality mentoring and networking are the shining keys to our success.

We are fortunate to have a few of CAMMI’s original Board members serving as Board members today. These Board members are true assets and will help mold and structure the future of CAMMI, with a goal to refocus the organization during an exciting rebranding that will catapult our organization into the next generation! This rebranding of CAMMI has a youthful insight but will always stay true to its original design.

Everyone’s input and participation are an essential part of this organization. As such, CAMMI has always received incredible support from our Associate Members, so Manager participation is one of our main goals in the next coming year. Your current Board of Directors will be working hard to continue to provide enjoyable and rewarding Networking and Continuing Education opportunities for all our members.

I am honored to serve as President of this fine group filled with so many professional and talented members. Please feel free to contact me or any of our board members with any questions, comments or suggestions.

Molly Hennings, President

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