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CAMMI Code of Ethics


Revised November 12, 2015

By CAMMI Board of Directors

  • Members shall conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates a high degree of professionalism at all times.
  • Members shall not engage in any activity that is not in the best interest of their employer, their associates or the association.
  • Members shall not use their membership or accreditation in any manner that will adversely affect the objectives or high standards of the association.
  • Members shall not engage in any relationship, association or activity that might be interpreted as a conflict of interest or expose an employer or member to embarrassment in any way.
  • Members shall not solicit or receive gratuitous compensation in the form of a rebate or “kickback” from persons conducting business with them or their employer.
  • Members shall not offer or disclose information of a confidential nature concerning the business or personal affairs of their employers, residents or members of the association.
  • Members shall exercise due professional care in the performance of their services at all times.
  • Members shall comply with all applicable laws.
  • The interpretation of compliance with this professional code is the responsibility of the CAMMI Board of Directors.

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Current BOD

  • Al Diaz, President
  • Derek Bebee, Vice President
  • Arizona Keegan, Treasurer
  • Molly Hennings, Secretary
  • John Cook, Director
  • Ali Pool, Director
  • Jon White, Director

Message from President

The last year and a half have been one of the most challenging times not only for our members but also for our country and the world in general. Gratefully, most of our members are considered essential and have managed to not only survive but to thrive where others have struggled. I attribute this to the caliber of professionals and businesses that make up CAMMI!

It’s also the reason I consider myself privileged to be associated with CAMMI and the reason I am honored to serve as your President for the 2021-2022 term. Since I last served as President over 20 years ago back in 1999-2000, I have seen CAMMI grow by leaps and bounds. This is all due to the commitment and hard work of the previous Board of Directors and the incredible support that we have received from our Associate Members.

Looking forward I want to assure you that your current Board of Directors will be working hard to continue to provide enjoyable and rewarding Networking and Continuing Education opportunities for all our members.

Please reach out to me or any of our Board Members if we can be of service to you. We always welcome your comments, input and suggestions.

Al Diaz, President