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J.R. Evans Engineering, P.A. secures the first planning approval for 2014!

J.R Evans Engineering, P.A. secures the first planning approval for 2014! The Collier County planning commission voted unanimously Thursday to recommend approval for the Winding Cypress zoning amendment. The JRE team has been working on behalf of Pulte Homes to amend the current zoning to allow for an additional 584 residential units and a new Village Center within the Winding Cypress community. The amendment also includes removal of the golf course use, a change we are seeing more often in Collier County. says Congress out to consider another approach than delaying the 2012 law, known as Bigger-Waters....

Opponents of delaying flood insurance premium increases find solace in new CBO report., which also includes some environmental groups, mitigation firms and advocates for less federal spending, said the report shows that Congress ought to consider another approach than delaying the 2012 law, known as Biggert-Waters, which aims to make the program fiscally sound. - If you are experiencing a Flood Insurance premium increase, please call 239.405.9148 for information on how J.R Evans Engineering, P.A. can help!

J.R. Evans Engineering provides a Preliminary Analysis at no cost!

Did you know J.R Evans Engineering, P.A. provides a preliminary analysis to review your property and determine if a Flood Zone Modification is feasible, at NO cost? The analysis involves review of the property location, conditions, available topographic information and comparing information to the flood elevations and the County Flood Study. Please email: [email protected] and request a form today!

It appears that one vehicle for members of Congress seeking to delay to flood insurance premium increases is now off the table.

WASHINGTON -- It appears that one vehicle for members of Congress seeking to delay flood insurance premium increases -- adding an amendment to a pending defense authorization bill -- is now off the table.

For information on how J.R Evans Engineering, P.A. can help, please call 239.405.9148.

JRE will participate in the 2013 South Florida Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo on 12/04/13

J.R Evans Engineering, P.A. will participate in the 2013 South Florida Cooperator Expo scheduled for Wednesday, December 4th at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center. Please stop by and learn about services benefiting your board and homeowners. We look forward to meeting you!

Feedback on a recent job completed by JRE.

J.R. Evans Engineering, P.A. appreciates comments and feedback from our valued clients! Thank you!

J.R Evans Engineering is featured in the Florida Weekly Business Observer: Out of the zone

Evans says it's important not to file frivolous requests for a map change from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the government agency overseeing the flood-map program. As a result, none of Evans' requests has been turned down. "FEMA appreciates the input to their model," he says, noting that it provides more detail for their maps. "They know our firm."

Check out J.R. Evans Engineering in November's Gulfshore Business Magazine!

The November issue of Gulfshore Business is buzzing with special features on the small but mighty community of Estero and the slow but recovering housing market. Check out J.R Evans Engineering, P.A. in November's Gulfshore Business magazine. (Digital issue pages 60/68)

NBC-2 Local News reports: Flood Insurance spike to hurt local businesses

NBC-2 Reports: "Flood insurance spike to hurt local businesses. The rates come after a new federal legislation was created to fix the national flood insurance program's $28 billion deficit. Nearly 9,000 policy holders in Lee County alone are affected. They will lose subsidies and get standard-rate policies." - For information on how we can help, please call J.R. Evans Engineering at 239.405.9148.

The New York Times reports: Cost of Flood Insurance Rises, Along With Worries.

For questions regarding your flood risk designation on FEMA's maps, please contact 239.405.9148. We are Certified Floodplain Managers and maintain a 100% success rate with every submittal made to FEMA.


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Message from President

The CAMMI organization has been around since 1995. I joined in 1997 and have served on the Board most of my membership years as a Board member including 7 years as Board President. We are fortunate to have some of the original Board with us as members today. I have an interesting year ahead of me as President with the balance of the Board as women!

We have updated the association governing documents and continue to bring new ideas to all members. All events, continuing education, and announcements are posted on the website so please be sure to check it on a regular basis. Also, be sure to let us know if something needs to be posted. I am sure this will be an exciting year for CAMMI and hopefully without storms like Irma.

As members, your input is very important and participation in the association by all is very valuable.

I am honored to serve as your President again. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or call 239-241-1641 with any questions you may have regarding condo management and our association. I am also available to fill in for managers while on vacation, consulting or overseeing projects.

I wish a healthy, prosperous year for all.

Bill Holmes

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