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Our Ambulance Service!

"Life Over Politics "
City Council heard your plea!
Special Meeting being held on Tuesday, December 12, 5:30pm.
City Council will be voting on submitting our City Ambulance Application (COPCN) to the County.
It's now or never!
Thank you to all who came to the last city council meeting to voice your opinion on securing our own City Ambulance Service. Our Council heard you loud and clear, that is why a special meeting has been scheduled.
Why the urgency.....
•The Fitch Study is complete and is available on the city website. All the information necessary to submit our application is contained in the study.
•City needs to submit our application to the County Commissioners in order for us to move forward with our state legislators.
•Need to prepare for our citizen referendum to be included on the August 2018 ballot.
•March 2020 is the date set by the non-city Fire Departments (aka Independent Fire Taxing Districts) to vote on consolidation. If this happens, the future of Collier County EMS will be unknown, possibly outsourced. What will happen with our Ambulance Service if that occurs??
•64% of MICA member surveyed said they would pay more for our own City Ambulance Service. Fitch Study approximated it would cost residents approximately an additional $42 a year on an assessed home value of $500,000. See study for specific details.
•If you want a voice in determining YOUR level of medical emergency service on YOUR Island, attend the Special meeting on December 12.
Did you know....Our Fire Rescue Boat and Fire Truck Paramedics are trained to use, but not authorized to carry the same drugs as a Collier County ambulance. A recent incident of an offshore boater, suffering a seizure, is an example of a medical emergency our Paramedics are trained treat, but prohibited by law from using the proper medication. With our own City Ambulance license, we would have been able to administer the proper treatment protocol.
December 12, 2017 5:30pm
Marco Island City Council Meeting
51 Bald Eagle
This is Our City - Our Residents
Our Ambulance Service!

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Current BOD

  • Bill Holmes, President
  • Shari Fairchild, Vice President
  • Kristina Pruyn, Treasurer
  • Joetta Murray, Secretary
  • Paula Warner, Director
  • Ali Pool, Director
  • Cheryl Kraus-Dampier, Director​

Message from President

The CAMMI organization has been around since 1995. I joined in 1997 and have served on the Board most of my membership years as a Board member including 7 years as Board President. We are fortunate to have some of the original Board with us as members today. I have an interesting year ahead of me as President with the balance of the Board as women!

We have updated the association governing documents and continue to bring new ideas to all members. All events, continuing education, and announcements are posted on the website so please be sure to check it on a regular basis. Also, be sure to let us know if something needs to be posted. I am sure this will be an exciting year for CAMMI and hopefully without storms like Irma.

As members, your input is very important and participation in the association by all is very valuable.

I am honored to serve as your President again. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or call 239-241-1641 with any questions you may have regarding condo management and our association. I am also available to fill in for managers while on vacation, consulting or overseeing projects.

I wish a healthy, prosperous year for all.

Bill Holmes

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