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City of Marco Press Release

06-30-20 035 Due to the closure of many public beaches throughout South Florida, the City of Marco Island, in coordination with Collier County and the City of Naples, will close the pedestrian beach access points between 11:00am – 5:00pm Friday July 3rd, Saturday July 4th, and Sunday July 5th. Collier County beaches on Marco Island will also be closed between 11:00am – 5:00pm over the holiday weekend.
Public beach parking lots will be open to vehicles with a Collier County beach parking sticker only. The Turtle Parking Lot will be closed July 3rd – 5th. Parking on residential streets is prohibited on weekends and holidays. Vehicles that are parked illegally will be ticketed and subject to being towed. The City will be citing anyone who violates our beach conduct ordinance including bringing dogs or glass containers on to the beach, and violators will be subject to fines of $200. Groups larger than 50 are prohibited and will also be fined $200.
Fireworks are prohibited on the beach and throughout the City of Marco Island. Violations of the fireworks’ ordinances subject the offender to fines of up to $500 per incident.

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Current BOD

  • Shari Fairchild President
  • Kristina Pruyn, Vice President
  • Paula Warner, Treasurer
  • Zulima Rossey, Secretary
  • John Cook, Director
  • Ali Pool, Director
  • Tom Wagor, Director

Message from President

Since 1995 the Community Association Managers of Marco Island has proudly served its community and members. Though many changes over the years have influenced the way in which our business is conducted. Members taking the opportunity to help and learn from one another has not. Both Managers and Associates work diligently to service our community associations. Factors such as time constraints, workforce availability and severe weather challenge us all. Overcoming these obstacles with education, technological advances, quality mentoring and networking are shining keys to our success. Everyone’s input and participation is an essential part of this organization. I am honored to serve as President of this fine group filled with so many professional and talented members. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions that you may have.

President, Shari Fairchild

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