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Marco island turtle ordinance - solicitation for public comments

Beachfront and CAMMI Managers, Please see the below and attached from the Beach & Coastal Advisory Committee regarding Sea Turtles proposed ordinance changes. There are only 6 days left to send in comments and or questions to: [email protected]

The City of Marco Island has completed it's first draft of a new Sea Turtle Ordinance and the next step is to allow a period for review and public comment.

The workshop that will consider public comments is scheduled for Wednesday, September 16 at 9 AM.

I wanted to get these documents out as soon as possible to allow maximum time for consideration; however, I should let you know the following. In this time of Covid, the City has generally been accepting public comments via e-mail, i.e. physical attendance is not required to participate in public comments. It’s unclear to me at this time what the process will be exactly. I will communicate further when that question is resolved, but your contribution is more than welcome, however it is delivered.

There are three documents attached.

“Comments on Marco Island Turtle draft” provides a little on the history, background and intent.

“Marco Island –sea turtle lighting provisions “is the official draft drawn up by the City.

Finally, the Excel file “Comparisons of FMB…..” is a paragraph-by-paragraph comparison of the wording found in the Fort Myers Beach ordinance, adopted by that Town in February of this year, with the wording of our draft. Personally, I find this format helpful when trying to compare measures and determine if there are differences and where textual differences exist, is a different intent implied? I hope you find participation in this exercise worthwhile. My hope is that having as many ‘eyes’ on the documentation at this stage is very important. Your unique perspectives will provide guidance; if there are areas we have failed to consider or you feel a different way of approaching specific challenges would improve the Ordinance then now is the time to ask for your help!

Please let me know if you find anything unclear and I will find answers to your questions as best I can. Respectfully Yours, Andrew Tyler Beach & Coastal Resources Advisory Committee Marco Island [email protected]

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